Meera humanizes automatic WhatsApp™ messages to
improve your marketing, increase your sales,
and provide a better customer experience.

Ditch what no longer works.

Email and cold calling no longer work. Here’s why:

Response Rates
with Meera

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Engage more leads and

Use Whatsapp interactive messages to increase response rates, revealing untapped revenue opportunities.

  • Send transactional messages, updates,reminders, and much more to opted-in customers without lifting a finger.
  • Expand your customer base with QR code marketing solutions.
  • Automatically create more connections at the top of the funnel with artificial intelligence and natural language processing.
  • Naturally transfer calls to agents when required, giving you a virtual 24X7 support team.

Meera and like a human on the channel your prospects prefer most.

Launch more effective campaigns

Reduce marketing costs spent on sending manual messages.
Instead, automate your marketing efforts and give them a human feel… With Meera.

Without Meera

Spend on People Staff / Resources

Mandatory QC checks

In-consistent Messages

Trigger-based conversations

With Meera

AI-driven automated messages

Standard replies to all your customers

Warm call transfers to support team/
agents when required

Trained support team

Make it better...

Meera answers commonly asked questions like a human would.
Meera interacts and engages like a human on the channel your prospects prefer most..

Meera scales outbound lead generation, appointment setting, and other Marketing and Sales functions to supercharge your sales efforts.

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