Our Mission

Meera is built with an objective to create deeper meaningful relationships between businesses and their customers through effective communication. We provide a conversational AI platform which simplifies marketing, sales, and support for businesses by efficiently communicating with customers through channels of their preference.

Meera is a leading conversational ai solution that intelligently adapts to different business goals and objectives.

The conversational AI seamlessly integrates with different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, marketing automation and customer success platforms and is easily customized to design unique and exquisite customer experiences. With an expert team of developers, we continue to build and introduce new sets of features to push and redefine the boundaries of conversational AI. We offer 3 different plan options to help all sizes of organizations scale their business effectively and profitably.

Our Values
Customer centricity at Meera AI
We are committed to offer the best and most cutting-edge solutions and services to our customers.
Continuous growth using conversational AI
We believe in continuous growth and our conversational AI constantly learns, evolves, and adapts autonomously to deliver outstanding results for our clients.
Innovate and redefine ideas icon
We are dedicated to innovating and redefining the boundaries of conversational AI and the solutions it provides to enterprises.
Blue colour result oriented icon
Result Oriented
We are a result-oriented organization and are therefore dedicated to delivering outstanding return on investments for our clients.
Hand shake icon - Meera AI
We are highly adaptable and are dedicated to helping businesses quickly respond to fastchanging marketplaces and competition.
Blue colour integrity icon
We believe in honest, open, and transparent conversations with our clients and employees and are dedicated to safeguarding their sensitive data and information.