Discover How Conversational AI is Transforming B2C Communications
The rise of the internet and smartphones has got consumers around the world hooked to ubiquitous connectivity with each other and businesses.With a huge base of potential customers online, businesses are revamping their communication strategies to capitalize on the opportunity at hand.
Here are some key trends influencing company customer interactions are:
  • Personalization is vital to forging a trustworthy relationship with customers. A study from Accenture revealed 33% of customers gave up brands for the lack of personalization.
  • 54% of worldwide customers admitted that they expect brands to design better consumer experiences.
  • Companies offering exceptional consumer experiences are roping in 4% to 8% higher revenues in the market
  • One out of three customers has admitted to sending text messages via various platforms to brands for assistance.
  • 60% of customers are seeking self-help service options from brands.
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