WhatsApp – Offer Notifications
Generate leads and engage user with offer alerts and tailor made provide customer support capabilities.
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Lead Generation
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The Problem
Generating and nurturing leads is pivotal to maximizing profits for e-commerce companies. But an increase in competition is making the task challenging for companies. With an influx of new players, customer loyalty rates are declining. Companies failing to cope up with customer or lead expectations are struggling to generate sales. The modern customer is expecting companies to personalize their experiences. But, currently, e-commerce companies are lacking a lead servicing tool that can deliver personalization at scale. As a result, lead generation and nurturing are becoming difficult. In turn, the trend is impacting revenue and sales. Thus, there is a need for better tools to personalize lead engagements.
The Solution
Meera conversational AI offers an effective solution to combat the problem. The AI assistant behaves as an on-demand lead servicing tool to generate and nurture leads. It does so by engaging prospects via WhatsApp. The use of a flexible communication channel drives prospects to engage with the conversational AI. Meera uses this window to personalize lead servicing. The AI assistant caters to a variety of lead queries. Meera answers FAQs and informs leads about exclusive offers and events. The responses to each lead query are personalized. Leveraging these skills, Meera drives lead generation and engagement. It further uses personalization to nurture leads and drives them to conversion.
  • Automates Lead Generation and Nurturing

    Meera uses WhatsApp for interacting with leads. This encourages prospects to interact with the AI assistant and boost lead generation. Further, the AI-powered chatbot uses personalized conversations with leads. It uses the conversations to nurture leads and enhances conversion rates. Using this process, Meera improves sales funnel efficiencies.

  • Provides Valuable Insights into Customer Expectations

    Meera generates in-depth reports on conversations with customers. These reports provide valuable insights into customer demands and expectations. The reports enable e-commerce companies to strategize better and win new customers.

  • Scale Marketing Affordably

    The AI assistant engages thousands of leads at a time. Meera guides each lead through the sales funnel and drives them to conversion. The process aids e-commerce companies in expanding marketing at affordable costs.

Use Case