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Appointment Set Up
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The Problem
Test drives are an effective way to showcase vehicle features and convince prospects. The technique aids in maximizing lead conversion rates and boosting revenue. But in recent times prospect no-shows and difficulty in contacting them are making the technique ineffective. Dealerships rely on cold calls and emails to schedule test drives. Both these communication channels are proving ineffective. This is due to a drastic shift in consumer communication preferences. The modern customer finds calling disrupting and prefers texting for communication. On the other hand, the increasing volume of marketing emails sent to prospects is causing a decline in open rates. Besides these factors, prospects either decide to not arrive for test drives or forget about the appointments. This disrupts dealerships’ planning and hurts revenue.
The Solution
Meera conversational AI provides an effective solution for the problem. The automotive AI assistant automates test drive scheduling. It does so by contacting prospects via WhatsApp and SMS. The AI assistant sends out personalized messages and prompts prospects to respond. It then uses the conversation to drive prospects to schedule a test drive appointment. Besides this, Meera follows-up with prospects and reminds them of the appointment. By doing so, Meera ensures no-show rates are kept to a minimum. Using these skills, the AI assistant aids dealerships in boosting lead-to-test drive conversion rates.
  • Automates Lead Qualification

    Meera works on each lead at scale. The AI assistant behaves as an automated lead follow-up system to remind prospects about their appointments. Using the process, Meera filters out uninterested leads.

  • Boosts Revenue

    The automotive AI assistant reduces no-show rates and increases lead-to-test-drive conversion. By doing so, Meera helps dealerships in maximizing revenue.

  • Cuts Down on Costs

    Meera automates lead engagement via text messaging platforms. In the process, it enables dealerships to cut down on calling and save big on phone bills.

Use Case