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Connect via SMS to schedule a during COVID situtation. Allowing a safe shopping experience.
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Appointment Set Up
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The Problem
Vehicle servicing is an essential part of maintenance. It is also a great revenue generator for auto dealerships. But the recent COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted this stream of revenue. With social distancing norms in place, car owners are unable to visit dealerships and get their vehicles serviced. These norms are expected to remain in place for the foreseeable future. This has sparked a need for auto dealerships to adapt to the new normal. Pickup and drop for vehicle servicing are a great way of generating revenue from after-sales services. But a decline in contact rates is emerging as a key challenge to implementing the new-found solution. Traditional methods in cold calling and emailing are failing to capture customer attention. The lack of access to customers is translating into a drop in revenue during the pandemic.
The Solution
Meera conversational AI provides auto dealerships with a tool to combat the problem. The auto AI assistant automates and streamlines service scheduling. It does so by sending out personalized messages via SMS. Meera uses these messages to capture customer attention and then drives them to schedule a pick up for servicing. Using personalization and flexible communication, Meera prompts customers to respond. Besides this, the auto AI assistant sends out a reminder before the pickup to ensure the customer is available. By doing so, the AI assistant enables dealerships to continue operations during the pandemic.
  • Optimizes Operations

    Meera behaves as an automotive service scheduling software. The AI assistant enables auto dealerships to manage and streamline vehicle servicing. This aids dealerships in planning and staffing. Through the process, the auto AI assistant optimizes operations and improves efficiency.

  • Boosts Revenue

    The AI assistant boosts contact rates using personalized and flexible communication. By doing so, Meera ensures that the servicing revenue stream remains operational and profitable.

  • Cuts Down on Costs

    Meera automates the entire service scheduling process. In the process, the AI assistant eliminates cold calling and email volumes. This helps dealerships in saving big on phone and email bills. With the pandemic disrupting business, these savings can be invaluable.

Use Case