Quote ( Lead Generation to contact)
Generate a lead on the webpage or on FB, for prospects who are inquiring for a vehicle quote.
Skills Utilized
Lead Generation
Warm Transfer
Channels Available
FB Messenger
FB Messenger
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The Problem
An increase in internet penetration around the world has changed the way people buy cars. Approximately, 92% of potential buyers, today, begin their research for a vehicle online. As a result, an increasing number of auto dealerships are investing in digital marketing. But these dealerships are struggling to benefit from these investments. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of engagement and personalization on digital platforms. Customers today expect quick answers to their queries. Websites and social media pages that fail to meet these expectations drive prospects away. When prospects do provide contact information, they expect quick responses to their queries. Dealerships are failing to do so. This is because most dealerships are using cold calling and emailing to engage leads. Both these channels add an element of delay in communication. Due to these reasons, dealerships are incurring losses on digital investments.
The Solution
Meera conversational AI provides dealerships with an effective solution. The automotive sales AI automates visitor engagement. It does so by sending personalized messages via webchat or Facebook Messenger. This enables the AI assistant to capture their attention. It then uses the opportunity to collect their requirements and contact information. Once Meera obtains visitors’ contact information, it warms them up for calls with sales teams. The AI assistant then connects leads with sales personnel for discussion. In this way, the automotive AI assistant engages visitors and converts them to leads.
  • Boosts Lead Generation and Contact Rates

    The automotive AI assistant engages thousands of website and Facebook visitors at once. Meera uses personalized interactions to drive visitors to submit their contact information. Further, the AI assistant warms up the generated leads for calls. In this way, Meera boosts lead generation and contact rates

  • Enhances Prospect Experience

    Meera instantly engages visitors, collects their requirements, and connects them to sales teams. This eliminates delays and prospects receive quotes in no time. The process enhances prospect experiences and boosts the chances of a lead converting.

  • Improves ROI on Digital Investments

    The AI assistant automates visitor engagement and makes every opportunity count. By doing so, Meera aids dealerships in generating higher revenues on digital investments.

Use Case