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Print – Lead Generation + Application (India)
Generate leads from FB ad sources and engage with automation via WhatsApp. Capture Name and contact and then continue to finish the application process.
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Lead Generation
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The Problem
Print advertisements continue to be a lucrative channel to draw in new customers. This is especially true for the insurance industry whose target audiences are young adults. But the industry has been struggling to leverage the medium in recent times. The trend is a result of the lack of lead engagement tools and changes in customer preferences. Advertisements, currently, depend on calling and emailing to draw in interested prospects. These modes of communication have proven ineffective in recent times. It is because customers prefer to interact with businesses through flexible communication channels. Besides this, calling and emailing introduce an element of delay in communication. The prospect has to wait until a representative responds to them. This can frustrate and drive away prospects. As a result, the insurance industry is struggling to create high-quality inbound opportunities.
The Solution
Meera conversational AI serves as an effective sales automation tool for insurance companies. The AI assistant automates inbound lead engagement using personalized conversations. Meera redirects interested prospects onto WhatsApp through QR codes. It then immediately engages them and collects their requirements. The AI assistant also answers FAQs and enables immediate query resolution. Besides this, the insurance AI assistant uses personalization to nurture leads. It then warms them up for calls with sales representatives who already have their requirements. By automating engagement and avoiding delay Meera ensures no opportunity goes wasted.
  • Enhances Sales Funnel Efficiencies

    Meera automates lead engagement and nurturing. The AI assistant guides leads through each phase and eases their flow onto the next stage. By doing, so Meera improves lead conversion rates and sales funnel efficiencies.

  • Automates Lead Qualification

    The insurance AI assistant works on each lead at scale. In the process, it filters out non-qualified leads and nurtures them until they are ready. Meera only passes qualified lead opportunities to sales teams and boosts contact rates.

  • Reduces Customer Acquisition Costs

    Meera’s personalization and automation ensure only qualified leads are delivered to sales teams. These aids companies in cutting down on outbound and inbound call volumes while boosting lead conversion rates.

  • Generate Higher ROI on Print Advertisements

    The AI-powered chatbot uses flexible communication channels that encourage and drive conversations. Further, it engages leads in real-time and ensures no opportunity slips away.

Use Case