Pre Sale Campaign
RSVP for an exclusive sales preview event.
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    RSVP Confirmation
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The Problem
Exclusive sales previews and pre-orders on deals are a great way to boost revenues. E-commerce companies use the technique to lure high-spending and loyal customers. But with an increase in competition companies are struggling to get hold of customers. The increase in competition has led to a surge in the volume of marketing emails a customer receives. Further, the evolution and widespread usage of email filters are restricting companies from reaching customers. Besides this, a drastic shift in customer communication preferences is causing a decline in email open rates. As a result, response rates for exclusive sale preview invites are dwindling. This is impacting the revenues of e-commerce companies.
The Solution
Meera conversational AI provides an effective solution to combat the problem. The AI assistant leverages personalization to capture leads’ attention. It sends out personalized messages via SMS and WhatsApp to engage leads. After initiating a conversation, Meera drives them to respond to the exclusive sales invites. The sales enablement AI then registers their responses and generates an RSVP report. Besides this, Meera sends confirmed leads a reminder before the preview. The conversational AI does so to ensure they are present and the slot is filled. By doing so, Meera drives leads to sales previews and aids e-commerce companies in boosting revenue.
  • Maximizes Profitability

    Meera boosts contact rates and ensures customers attend sales previews. By doing so, the AI assistant enables e-commerce companies to derive maximum revenues from sales.

  • Enhances Customer Experience

    The conversational AI for retail and e-commerce personalizes communication. Further, Meera enables customers to respond through convenient and flexible communication channels. Using these skills, the AI assistant enhances customer experience and satisfaction rates. Thereby, Meera aids e-commerce companies in retaining customers and creating upsell opportunities.

  • Automates Lead Qualification

    Meera works on each lead at scale. The AI assistant does so by periodically contacting leads and analyzing their responses. Leveraging the skill, Meera evaluates a lead’s readiness to purchasing products. This ensures only high-intent prospective buyers attend pre-sales engagements.