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Automate Lead Generation and Engagement to Increase Conversions
Generate leads through Facebook media and engage them in using AI  messages and convert.
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The Problem

Ecommerce companies invest in emails and cold-calling to generate leads from websites and social media channels yet fail to convert for the following reasons.


  1. 74% of customers respond to a text from a business within an hour vs. 41% via email

  2. it often takes four or more back-and-forth emails just to set up a meeting, adding hours or days to your sales cycle

  3. Lack of automation and resources

The Solution

Meera AI text messaging platform automates website and social media visitor management by engaging them through personalized text messages via Facebook Messenger and Web Chat. The platform, through human-like conversations, helps the visitors with instant answers to FAQs and guides to engage better and enables the e-commerce companies to generate leads.

  • Boosts Lead Generation

    Meera engages each website and social media visitor. It works on thousands of visitors at a time. By doing so, the AI assistant ensures no opportunity slips away. In this way, Meera aids e-commerce businesses in boosting lead generation.

  • Provides Invaluable Insights

    The AI assistant lets businesses monitor interactions in real-time. This enables them to analyze their responses and obtain insights into their expectations. Using this, Meera empowers e-commerce companies to strategize better.

  • Enhances Prospect Experience

    Meera personalizes each interaction to make visitors feel valued and unique. Using this technique, the AI assistant improves prospect experiences. In the process, it builds an instant rapport with visitors and drives them to submit contact information. In this way, Meera automates and streamlines lead generation.