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The Problem
Websites and social media platforms provide an effective channel to generate leads. Banking on the presence of an extensive prospect base, e-commerce companies are funneling investments into these channels. But the investments are not yielding satisfactory results. This is due to an increase in competition and changes in customer expectations. With customers spoilt for choices, companies must engage them when they visit their website or social media page. Besides this, customers are expecting companies to enhance their experiences. Currently, most companies do not have a tool to engage visitors. As a result, companies are losing out on valuable opportunities. This is impacting their revenue and restricting them from accomplishing their sales targets.
The Solution
Meera conversational AI offers companies an effective solution to the problem. The AI assistant automates website and social media visitor engagement. It does so by initiating conversations through Facebook Messenger and webchat. The conversational AI uses personalized messages to capture visitors’ attention. It then leverages the human-like conversation to answer FAQs and guide visitors to the information they are looking for. By personalizing interactions and engaging visitors, Meera ensures companies do not miss out on any opportunities. In this way, the conversational AI enables e-commerce companies to generate leads.
  • Boosts Lead Generation

    Meera engages each website and social media visitor. It works on thousands of visitors at a time. By doing so, the AI assistant ensures no opportunity slips away. In this way, Meera aids e-commerce businesses in boosting lead generation.

  • Provides Invaluable Insights

    The AI assistant lets businesses monitor interactions in real-time. This enables them to analyze their responses and obtain insights into their expectations. Using this, Meera empowers e-commerce companies to strategize better.

  • Enhances Prospect Experience

    Meera personalizes each interaction to make visitors feel valued and unique. Using this technique, the AI assistant improves prospect experiences. In the process, it builds an instant rapport with visitors and drives them to submit contact information. In this way, Meera automates and streamlines lead generation.