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The Problem
Prospective students can abandon admission applications for a lot of reasons. Long forms and confusing fields are the primary reasons prospects abandon admission forms. Other instances include the unavailability of required documents or sheer forgetfulness. In all the scenarios, colleges and universities lose out on potential students. To limit abandonment, most institutions rely on traditional lead follow up procedures. These include calling and emailing the prospects. But, the efficacy of these procedures has declined in the recent past. A decline in email open rates and an affinity against cold calling has made it hard to contact prospects. Besides this, the rise of anti-spam calling and emailing solutions have left colleges frustrated.
The Solution
Meera conversational AI presents a unique solution to counter the problem. The AI assistant behaves as an automated lead follow-up system. It enables educational institutions to engage prospective students filling admission applications in real-time. The automated follow-up system communicates with targeted prospects through popular text messaging channels. The AI assistant mimics human-like conversation to answer FAQs and collect exceptional queries. It then warms prospects for calls and connects them to the admissions team for query resolution. By doing so, the AI assistant helps in driving prospects to completing and submitting their applications.
  • Drive Applications to Completion:

    With the AI assistant, colleges can automate follow-ups and drive applications to completion. This, in turn, can enable colleges to boost enrolment rates.

  • Solve Queries in Real-time:

    The conversational AI solution enables colleges to roll-out self-help options. It enables colleges in answering FAQs and resolving prospect queries in real-time.

  • Enhance Admissions Funnel Efficiencies:

    By behaving as an automated lead follow-up system, Meera frees admissions teams to focus on high-intent leads. This boosts workforce productivity and admissions funnel efficiencies.

Use Case
Case Study
Academy of Art University implements Meera Conversational A.I Platform to Refresh Incomplete Applications
The Problem

The Even though a large number of students applied to attend Academy of Art University, the Admissions department noticed there was a pool of incomplete applications sitting in the system.
Many prospective students were not continuing the application process to completion, which was puzzling. Academy of Art University needed to find a solution which would allow their Admissions department to help push through more prospective students.

Already well-acquainted with Meera from working on the extensive database of cancelled applications, Academy of Art University chose to work with it again.
Only this time, Academy of Art University had Meera engage with a large number of incomplete applications. With the help of Meera’s conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform, this encouraged a response which directed the leads to the Admissions team to figure out what caused their hesitation in the middle of the application process.
Once the Admissions team discovered the reason behind the incomplete applications, they were able to move the prospective students further through the admissions funnel.
By communicating via SMS, Academy of Art University was able to reach more students who responded more readily, as it fit the student’s busy lifestyle, providing them with the ease to make a life changing decision.