Follow up with dormant forex accounts
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Warm Transfer
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The Problem
Forex or foreign exchange trading is an important revenue-yielding stream for financial institutions. Financial institutions often focus on only active accounts and neglect dormant ones. But these accounts are opportunities that can be leveraged to boost revenue. Institutions can do so, by engaging dormant account holders and driving them to resume trading. Currently, financial institutions rely on cold calling and emailing to engage customers. But these tools have proven ineffective especially in case of uninterested prospects. As a result, the sector needs a more effective process to engage dormant forex account holders.
The Solution
Meera conversational AI provides financial institutions with an effective solution. The banking AI automates the engagement of forex account holders. It engages these customers using personalized conversations via WhatsApp and SMS. The use of flexible communication channels and personalization prompts customers to respond. It then uses these conversations to warm up leads for calls with sales teams. Meera warms up customers and transfers inbound calls to sales teams. Using its skills, the banking AI assistant enhances contact rates. This gives financial institutions a better chance to get customers to resume forex trading.
  • Maximizes Revenue

    Meera empowers financial institutions to capitalize on existing opportunities in dormant forex accounts. By enabling institutions to contact customers, the AI assistant aids in maximizing revenue generation.

  • Low Investment High Yield

    The banking AI assistant automates the engagement of thousands of account holders at a time. Besides this, Meera drives inbound opportunities to sales teams to boosts contact rates. By doing so, the AI assistant aids institutions in affordably working on existing opportunities.

  • Automated Data Collection

    Meera uses personalized conversations to prompt responses and collect data on customers. The AI assistant passes this data to sales teams and enables them to convince customers effectively.

Use Case