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FB Ads – Lead Generation + Application (India)
Generate leads from FB ad sources and engage with automation via WhatsApp. Capture Name and contact and then continue to finish the application process.
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Lead Generation
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The Problem
With 2.5 billion monthly users, Facebook provides businesses access to an extensive prospect base. Owing to this, Facebook ads have become an effective medium to generate leads. Insurance companies like other businesses are also funneling investments into the medium. But the ROI on Facebook ads has declined in recent times. This is because companies are struggling to engage and contact the leads they generate through the ads. Insurance companies currently rely on cold calling and emailing to contact leads. But these communication tools are failing to generate satisfactory results. It is because there has been a drastic shift in consumer preferences. Customers, today, prefer texting over calling and emailing. Besides this, traditional communication methods add an element of delay in lead engagement. These problems are causing insurance companies to miss out on valuable opportunities
The Solution
Meera conversational AI provides companies an effective way to automate insurance lead generation. The AI-powered chatbot engages leads in real-time via Facebook Messenger. It uses personalized conversations to capture their attention and automates lead engagement. The AI-assistant drives lead to providing their requirements and answers FAQs to resolve their queries. Meera uses these requirements to calculate premium options and provides them to the leads. Upon confirmation, it directs the lead to pay the premium and passes on the information to the sales teams. By doing so, the insurance AI assistant improves lead conversion rates. Besides this, Meera warms up leads for calls with sales representatives in case they have exceptional queries.
  • Automates Lead Nurturing

    Meera behaves like an insurance lead generation and nurturing specialist. The AI assistant works on each lead at scale and eases their passage through the sales funnel. In the process, Meera helps insurance companies boost lead conversion rates.

  • Higher ROI on Facebook Advertisements

    By engaging every lead in real-time, Meera ensures no potential customer slips away. It, thus, helps insurance companies generate greater ROI on Facebook ads.

  • Cuts Down on Call Volume

    Meera provides an end-to-end lead nurturing solution through Facebook Messenger. The AI assistant automates the entire process with minimal to no human intervention. By doing so, the AI-powered chatbot enables companies to cut down on call volumes and save big on phone bills.

Use Case