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Academy of Art University
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The Problem
Most colleges consider canceled admission applications as lost opportunities and discarded them completely. But, in reality, the database of canceled applications is a set of already generated leads. Working on these leads at scale can help colleges in enhancing enrollment rates. But, engaging and contacting these aged leads poses a great challenge. The use of traditional follow-up practices of cold calling and emailing has proven ineffective in recent times. This is driving institutions away from investing in working on aged leads. As a result, institutions are missing out on invaluable student enrollment opportunities.
The Solution
Meera conversational AI offers institutions an effective way to leverage the pre-existing leads. The AI assistant automates personalized prospect engagement and boosts response rates. It does so, by sending out personalized messages to applicants on WhatsApp and SMS. The AI assistant behaves as an automated lead follow-up system and engages thousands of applicants at a time. The AI-based chatbot nurtures leads and passes qualified opportunities to the admissions team. This way, the AI assistant enables colleges to leverage their existing databases to the full extent at affordable costs.
  • Boosts Enrolment Rates:

    Meera enables colleges to leverage existing leads and work on them at scale. By doing so, the AI assistant automates aids colleges in enhancing enrolment rate

  • Cuts Down on Costs:

    Meera reduces outbound and inbound call volumes and helps colleges in cutting down costs.

  • Enhances Admissions Team Productivity:

    The AI platform automates follow-ups and lead nurturing to allow admissions teams to focus on closing out on high-intent leads. This boosts their productivity and helps colleges improve admission funnel efficiencies.

Use Case
Case Study
Academy of Art University Revives Leads with the Meera Conversational A.I Platform achieving a 625% ROI
The Problem

As part of Academy of Art University’s strategic vision for 2018, they wanted to increase the size of their prospective student pool.

After locating an extensive database of cancelled applications from probable students, Academy of Art University needed to find a way to turn the cancelled applications into prospective students.

Not wanting to add more tasks to their heavily burdened Admissions team, Academy of Art University sought an expert in the area of performance marketing and technology.

In early 2018, Academy of Art University chose Meera to help them sift through an extensive database of 3,888 cancelled applications.
As the first conversational AI platform powered by machine learning and natural language processing, Meera was up to the task.
By using Meera, this allowed Academy of Art University to reach out to all the deficient applicants via SMS, which drove inbound calls to the Admissions team.
By communicating via SMS, Academy of Art University was able to reach more students who responded more readily, as it fit the student’s busy lifestyle, providing them with the ease to make a life-changing decision.
Due to an influx of inbound emails, the overall CTR for emails is around 5%.
However, research is finding that people are more likely to click through on an SMS message, with CTR landing around 15%-60%.
This was a return on investment (ROI) of 625%.