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Meera uses machine learning and natural language processing to nurture leads and optimize sales funnel.
This is what it did for these companies
What is Meera? is a cutting-edge conversational AI tool, which was formed with an intent to help brands automate repetitive and time- intensive processes and personalize client experiences.
Its intelligent text messaging programs are designed to boost sales funnel efficiency, enhance customer service, generate qualified leads, automate meeting scheduling, and scale prospecting affordably.
A Glimpse into Meera’s Skills
Meera Empowers Buinesses To
  • Generate Qualified Leads
  • Automate Meeting Scheduling
  • Get Real-Time Insights
  • Get Started Easily & Affordably
  • Boost Sales Funnel Efficiency
  • Strengthen Brand Value
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Cut Down on Costs
Generate Qualified Leads

Meera conversational AI automatically works on each lead at scale and evaluates their intent towards a product or service. The sophisticated AI assistant uses the information to score leads and empowers your business to dedicate their time towards working on high-intent leads which show a high probability of conversion.

Automate Meeting Scheduling

The intelligent assistant helps organizations automate and simplify meeting scheduling. Meera automatically interacts with customers and book meetings based on customer and sales representatives’ availability. The intelligent AI assistant will rid your workforce of the time-intensive process of following-up with customers and boosts their productivity.

Get Real-Time Insights

The real-time monitoring feature allows you to monitor conversations and gain invaluable insights into customer psyches. The feature is a valuable asset that will allow you to identify and correct shortcomings in your business and align it with customer expectations.

Get Started Easily & Affordably

Meera is an affordable solution that can be incorporated into the system by companies of all sizes. Our pricing model is affordable and easy on the pocket. Each of our plans come with no setup fees and is inclusive of SMS transcriptions, phone numbers, recordings, and script development charges.

Boost Sales Funnel Efficiency

Meera conversational AI dons multiple roles through the different phases of lead nurturing and optimizes sales funnel performance. The versatile intelligent AI assistant doubles as a lead generation, engagement, validation, and responder tool and helps you scale your business affordably and efficiently.

Strengthen Brand Value

The AI assistant personalizes every interaction a lead, prospect or consumer has with your business to create unique, exquisite experiences that add immense value to your brand name and differentiates it from your competitors.

Enhance Customer Experience

Meera enhances customer experiences and provides businesses an edge over their rivals. Leveraging the power of natural language processing and machine learning the AI assistant personalizes interaction at each stage of the customer journey with the brand to boost customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Cut Down on Costs

With the versatile and multifunction Meera conversational AI, you can automate a slew of processes ranging from lead generation to customer support and raise your bottom line. The conversational AI is equipped to help you save significantly on cost per lead as it substantially reduces follow-ups and call volumes. The assistant is also capable of generating detailed reports which can be used to customize it to align with your business goals.

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“Meera has helped us focus on our clients needs rather than spending several hours trying to coordinate a good time to speak with them.”
“Meera has enabled to increase the overall success of my lead generation campaigns. Increasing my contact rate within the first 60 days has allowed me to scale my offers due to the increased quality of the leads.”
Avi Daswani
Campbell Munsie
The Legal Helpers