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Engage customers, enhance operations, and cut down on costs

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Boost Conversions and Acquisition

Quickly engaging with a lead comprehensively increases the probability of converting them to a customer. Meera works on each lead at scale and engages with them by leveraging its sophisticated natural language processing capabilities. While engaging with customers the insurance AI assistant collates all the necessary information to onboard a new customer seamlessly. The procedure helps in filtering out non-qualified leads and forwards quality leads to customer and sales representatives. With the AI chatbot integrated with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database, you can reach out to cold and dormant leads simultaneously and accelerate your conversion rates.

Speed Insurance Quotes Management

Leverage insurance AI assistant to speed up your quotes management by assisting customers with routine queries. With Meera, you can handle a high volume of insurance quotes simultaneously by redirecting only complex queries to human employees. Remove excess human intervention and ensure 24x7x365 availability in different time zones with the help of the AI chatbot. The human-like conversation makes customers associate high-quality, personalized service with the company and significantly improves customer retention and satisfaction rates. Simplify insurance quote provision and plan re-enrolment for customers and expedite operations to improve performance.

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Minimize Cost, Maximize Profitability

Handling customer queries, quotes management, and prospecting are both time-consuming and costintensive. While trying to boost revenue, the call time and volume involved in these operations can significantly surpass the allocated budget and hurt your profitability comprehensively. Meera contacts customers and leads at relatively lower costs and calls for human intervention only when necessary. By integrating the insurance virtual assistant with your system, you can reduce call time by 60% to 70% which translates to a 40 to 60 percent reduction in costs. In conjunction with decreasing call volume, the AI chatbot maximizes the sales funnel efficiency providing reduction in cost and an increase in profitability.

Re-engage Dormant Leads
Engage with dormant and cold leads through non-intrusive communication channels affordably.
Uniquely Position Your Brand
Personalize interactions and offer a unique customer journey with intelligent AI chatbot to strengthen your brand value.
Enhance Workforce Productivity
Free your workforce from the pressure of repetitive administrative tasks and boost their productivity.

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