How Meera Helped the Largest Private Art University Increase their Application Rates by 2.5X

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Why Academy of Art University Loves Meera?
Bill Tsatsoulis
Chief Operating Officer,
Academy of Art University
Chief Operating Officer, Academy of Art University
Academy of Art University Improve its Call Transfer Rate by 100%, and Increase its Application Rate by 250%

The Academy of Art University utilized a third-party contact centre to outbound dial prospective students, and only transferred 20% to the in-house admissions team.

Meera was able to improve their warm call transfer, and increase its application rate by using SMS and WhatsApp.

What Antioch University Says About Meera?

Before working with Meera, Antioch University was struggling to work with leads quickly and effectively. As a result, the university was losing out on significant investments made in lead generation efforts”

After integrating Meera into our systems, we were able to engage leads in real-time. The strategy helped us improve contact rates by 780% and register a 120% increase in application rates.

Michael Metcalf
Marketing Director,
Academy of Art University
Marketing Director, Academy of Art University
Antioch University Improved its Application Rate Up by 120% After Using Meera for their Paid Strategy

Antioch University had difficulty getting value from their Facebook advertising and wanted to find a way to increase the efficiency at the top of their funnel.

Meera allowed Antioch to optimize their Facebook Ads by engaging their prospects through SMS, which improved their contact rates and application rates.


Use AI to have deep personalised conversations with consumers at scale

By using Meera’s AI you can have your best admissions rep reaching out to every lead. With quick and life like responses, using Meera will allow your response rates to significantly increase, as consumers will feel valued

Reach your audience through their preferred method of communication, text message

Millenials and Gen Z are no longer picking up cold calls. Improve your user journey by reaching people on their preferred method of communication; text message, whats app, or even facebook messenger!

No more cold calling with Meeras inbound calling and appointment setting features

It goes without saying that everyone hates cold calls. Our features which use text messaging to schedule calls, won't only eliminate cold calling, improving user experience, but it will save your admissions team time!

Q & A
How is it different from bulk SMS solutions?

Bulk SMS solutions lack personalization and are often perceived as purely motivated by profit. Most bulk SMS solutions try to redirect prospects to a website with no provisions of opening the channel for a conversation with prospects. The process makes prospects hesitant and is most likely to drive them away.

Would hiring resources be required to work leads over these channels?

No. Automating outreach campaigns on these platforms is the best way to leverage them to the full extent without creating a dependency on the number of team members available for the job.

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Founder and CEO
Paul Sunders
Product Manager
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