Invest in Conversational AI and Increase Revenue by 5.7x

Create personalized experiences with AI banking assistant and see your revenue skyrocket

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Cultivate Happy Customers

Brand loyalty and popularity is solely linked to customer experiences across sectors. Banks with an exquisite customer experience register significantly higher growth than brands that don’t. Meera’s rich and unique features intelligently comprehend customer responses and tailor personalized messages to create unique and high-quality customer experiences. By ubiquitously interacting with customers using the AI banking assistant at every stage of the journey you can craft exceptional experiences to set new benchmarks in the industry. Leverage AI banking to boost your Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and position yourself as a unique customer-centric brand in the industry.

Market Your Products Non-Intrusively

Gone are the days when prospects and leads could be contacted on calls. Today, people tend to avoid calls from sales and marketing services. With Meera, you can optimize your marketing and lead nurturing procedures by non-intrusively reaching your prospects through text messages on various platforms. The AI banking assistant is equipped to automatically reach out to thousands of potential customers affordably with personalized messages about services and products relevant to them. Leverage the power of the AI banking assistant to free your marketing and sales team to focus on strategizing new techniques and improving other operational efficiencies.

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Lower Issue Resolution Response Times

Customer support and the average time taken to resolve an issue impacts your customer retention and satisfaction rate. Meera’s advanced AI capabilities handle preliminary stages of conversations with customers and collate all the necessary information required to resolve consumer queries. In addition to providing quick resolutions to routine problems, the AI banking platform transfers all the collated information to a customer representative who then handles the issue. The procedure significantly reduces the average handling time by increasing workforce efficiency. With Meera, your team of customer representatives dynamically expands in proportion to the volume of requests at no extra cost.

Stand Out with Personalized Engagement
Engage with every customer personally with sophisticated AI to instantly develop meaningful relationships.
Optimize Operations
Offload repetitive tasks on the banking AI assistant and focus on addressing complex issues.
Reduce Cost and Boost Profitability
Reduce outgoing prospecting calls and handle large volume customer requests simultaneously at no extra cost.

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