Enhance student interaction and engagement with Education AI

Digitize student experience and optimize operations with education conversational AI

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Conduct Effective Admission Drives

Avoid pushy on-call sales pitches by reaching out to prospective students or their parents through non-intrusive text messaging platforms. Leverage the power of the education conversational AI to automatically inform students about opportunities
at colleges and universities. With 99% of students and parents researching universities online the AI live chat for universities, colleges, and schools is a great way to engage prospective students when they visit your institution’s website. Engage with visitors on the website and provide a personalized and unique experience to leave a lasting impression. Use the
higher education AI to handle routine questions on career and avoid excessive admission counselor intervention to boost their productivity.

Automate RSVP Confirmations from Parents and Students

Rid the administrative team of the time-consuming and cost-intensive task of reaching out to parents and students via calls. Use the education conversational AI to schedule meetings and obtain RSVP confirmation from parents. Automate event organization in a matter of mere clicks and optimize other administrative operations to enhance productivity and quality of education provided. Redefine parent-teacher interaction by providing parents with the flexibility of scheduling meetings with desired teachers automatically through the AI chatbot for colleges and universities.

Automate RSVP confirmation - Meera AI
Round the clock student support by Meera AI
Continuous Student Support

Help students round-the-clock with any queries and confusions they might come up with. Use the education conversational AI to send personalized reminder for exams, stay in touch with parents, and report their ward’s performances. Automate replies to frequently asked questions for various departments to help students throughout the day and night. With higher education AI platform you can guide students by collecting their requirements and preferences to lend them career advice. Monitor student conversations in real-time and gain valuable feedback to become a student-centric institution to set new benchmarks in the industry.

Instant Help for Students
Provide round-theclock assistance to students for any queries or confusions they run into.
Automate Meeting Scheduling
Automate two-way meetings scheduling between parents and teachers without the need for human intervention.
Quick Survey for Custom Feedback
Use custom surveys to easily gain feedback and identify areas of improvement.

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