Reduce customer service costs by 30% with support AI

Leverage Conversational AI today to gain competitive edge and trump competition

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Enhance Customer Experience

Improving customer experience and response rates will help you increase customer retention by 33%. A 5% increase in customer retention boosts the profitability of a business by at least 25%. With our customer success AI, you can quickly and professionally engage with customers to resolve their problems. By engaging customers and providing them self-help options, the customer success AI helps you position your business as customer-centric and boost your Net Promoter Score (NPS). By constantly interacting with customers at every stage of their journey with the brand, you can create an exquisite customer experience that customers can uniquely associate with.

Cut Down on Costs

Businesses spend USD 1.3 trillion every year on roughly 265 million customer service calls cumulatively. In addition, customer service representatives spend a substantial time resolving basic and repetitive queries. With the sophisticated support AI, you can ensure 24×7 availability of customer service representatives at no extra cost and rid your people off the load of addressing routine questions. Free your team to deal with complex problems that warrant the human intervention. Integrating the support AI will help you significantly reduce the per-query cost while improving customer satisfaction, customer retention, and the response rate to customer queries.

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Gain Valuable Feedback

Meera’s cutting-edge skillset is built to automatically conduct consumer surveys. The surveys are built to provide invaluable insights into the customer psyche. Leverage the data to enhance the appeal of your products and services according to consumer perception. The customer success assistant is designed to help you gauge the constantly changing consumer demands and adapt to the intensifying competition across different industries. Develop a comprehensive understanding of each of your customers by interacting with them at each step of the servicing cycle and utilize the information to promote related products and services. Scale your business with no extra investment by simply integrating the artificial intelligence support with your system.

Drive Customer Interaction

Interact with customers at each step of servicing and establish a healthy relationship.

Save Big on Costs

Offload routine customer servicing tasks on support AI to save on time, resources, and investments.

Upsell and Cross-sell Services

Gain valuable consumer insights and leverage the information to scale your business by upselling and cross-selling relevant service and product offerings.


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