Boost sales productivity and performance with AI assistant

Conversational AI for Sales and Marketing

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Boost Sales Productivity And Performance With AI Assistant

Engaging with leads at the very outset of their first interaction with your business can boost sales conversion rates comprehensively. With marketing artificial intelligence, you can quickly engage your leads with personalized messages to increase your contact rates. Your odds of contacting a lead drop 100 times when trying to connect with them in 30 minutes versus 5 minutes. Similarly, the odds of a lead qualifying drop 21 times when contacting them within 30 minutes of interaction versus 5 minutes. Engage high-intent leads and optimize your lead nurturing process to boost its effectiveness and drive sales with Meera’s real-time interaction analysis.

Boost Meeting Rates by 35% with AI assistant

Scheduling a meeting with a potential customer is a tedious back and forth process that can eat into your sales team’s productivity. On average, a salesperson spends 12% of their time scheduling calls and meetings which accounts for 5 hours of a 40- hour workweek. Offload the time-intensive task on an AI assistant to enable salespeople to focus their efforts on closing deals and acquiring new customers. The smart marketing assistant contacts customers through non-intrusive channels such as SMS and other messaging applications to schedule meetings based on your sales team’s availability. By sending the customers and leads a reminder before the call or meeting, Meera boosts meetings and contact rates substantially.

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Scale Your Prospect Outreach

Sales teams dedicate a comprehensive amount of time to cold calling, typing sales emails and social media posts to reach potential leads. These tasks make up for 50% of unproductive sales time and impact sales conversion rates. Through sales artificial intelligence, you can revive low scored inbound leads to scale your prospecting outreach affordably. Meera seamlessly integrates with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms to automatically contact prospects and filters out non-qualified leads. Meera becomes your very own outreach expert that engages thousands of prospects simultaneously while increasing the efficiency of your lead nurturing process.

Drive Sales
Engage high-intent leads quickly and automatically to boost sales conversion rates and maximize profitability.
Enhance Workforce Efficiency
Filter out non-qualified leads and free your sales team from investing countless hours of chasing and cold calling.
Economize Marketing
Reach out thousands of prospects effectively and affordably with personalized messages to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


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