About Meera

Meera is an A.I. Driven text messaging automation platform that emulates human conversations at scale, so that customers feel like they’re speaking to a person - not a robot

About Meera?
The Story

Meera was launched with the purpose to augment marketing performance and increase return on investment while also allowing businesses to make deeper connections with their customers.

Our goal is to help organizations augment their communication strategies by humanizing text messaging to make customers feel significant.

Our Vision

The company’s vision is ‘to change the way businesses engage and communicate with customers’.

Meera’s mission is to challenge every traditional sense in the business communication space. Meera’s key differentiator is delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time for improving engagement and conversion, and departing from the traditional communication practices like emails and cold calls.

Our Leadership Team
Vivek Zaveri
CEO & Founder
Paul Dev Sunder
Jay Dharia