Stop annoying. Start Engaging.

Email, cold calls, and transactional texts are annoying. Instead, skyrocket your university’s
application and enrollment rates… with Meera

Make it

Meera automates human-like text messaging so your admissions and student advisors engage more leads and increases their application and registration rates.

And turn your communication
into conversation.

Email annoys the very people you want to attract.

Stop annoying. Start ... with Meera

Engage with students the way they prefer.

Meera sticks to text messaging hence making appointment setting a whole lot easier.

Humanize at scale and meet the needs of students.

With Meera, students feel a more personal connection, thanks to human-like interactions every step of the way.

Enroll more students.

Thanks to Meera’s humanized text messaging, students feel a personal connection.

Are you facing these

  • Staffing turnover and hiring pains
  • Enrollment need a lift
  • Student Follow up becoming a problem
  • Need to reduce your call center costs
  • Your team is calling but nobody is answering
  • Uncontacted Inquiries piling up while new ones are coming in

Your Solution is

Meera can help your college with



Warm call transfer

Follow - Up

Document Collection


Inbound Engagement


Warm call transfer

RSVP Confirmations

Service & Fundraising

Warm call transfer


& Reminders

Collect Payments


See how others in education are using Meera to skyrocket their application and enrollment rates.

Largest Art Design School improves its call transfer rate by 100%

The University utilized a third-party contact center to outbbound dial prospective students, and only transfereed 20% to the in-house admissions team.

Meera was able to improve their warm call transfer, increase its application rate, and cut down contact center costs
by using SMS and Whats App.



Contact Center
Cost Savings

Here's how Meera helped the University

  • Provided as a substitute for unlimited amount of reps
  • Boosted employee morale by spending less time trying to reach students through outbound efforts and more time receiving inbound engaging calls
  • Let the team focus on what really mattered by doing most of the heavy lifting
  • Boosted enrollment rates
  • Helped cut down call center expenses