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International coach training company increaseS response rates by 70% with the Meera Conversational A.I Platform


After much research, the company noticed they weren’t receiving the steady climb in registrants they were expecting. What they found were many of their agents spent the majority of their time chasing down leads, with 7-10 calls on their list unable to receive an answer. And when their prospective clients used the contact centre only, there were lower than expected contact rates. Any new leads the team received had low response rates when contacted.

They wanted to increase their output of prospective coaches but required help from an expert in marketing technology.

The company required a platform that would help engage their leads and nurture them, passing them on to the contact center via a warm transfer call (transferring the SMS responder directly to an agent).
After researching the industry, they chose Meera, which engages leads with its conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform through SMS, allowing people to schedule or be directly transferred to an agent at their convenience.
This was perfect for any prospective coach with a busy lifestyle who didn’t want to be bombarded by untimely calls.
Actual Meera AI mobile conversation for International Health And Wellness Coach Training
Actual A.I Conversation
Leads to calls growth graph of Antioch University using Meera AI
With Meera’s conversational A.I platform, the company was able to resolve its low response rates and achieve their sales goals.

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