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Academy of Art University implements Meera Conversational A.I Platform to increase response rates by 70% building efficiencies in the admissions funnel.


The Admissions department at Academy of Art University had a goal to increase the number of student registrations from a dispositioned pool of applicants.

However, having the Admissions team contact each applicant on an individual basis would decrease their productivity, creating a bottleneck in their daily responsibilities. Academy of Art University required a technology that could reach out to the applicants in an efficient manner, with quick turnaround time.

Since Meera had already been integrated into their system in early 2019, Academy of Art University understood the capabilities of the conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform and wanted to utilize its expertise once more.
With Meera’s help, it created a boost in the contact rate, which assisted the Admissions team in converting the applicants to registrants.
Having Meera reach out via its SMS responder provided the applicants with a platform they were comfortable using. It was perfect for anyone who prefers to respond at their convenience.
Image showing sales enquiry using Meera conversation AI on mobile phone
Actual A.I Conversation
Applicants lead generation graph of Academy of Art University
By using Meera’s conversational A.I platform, Academy of Art University was able to reach out to a pool of applicants, convert and qualify them into registrants for their upcoming semester.

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