Academy Of Art University

Academy of Art University implements Meera Conversational A.I Platform to Refresh Incomplete Applications


The Even though a large number of students applied to attend Academy of Art University, the Admissions department noticed there was a pool of incomplete applications sitting in the system.

Many prospective students were not continuing the application process to completion, which was puzzling. Academy of Art University needed to find a solution which would allow their Admissions department to help push through more prospective students.

Already well-acquainted with Meera from working on the extensive database of cancelled applications, Academy of Art University chose to work with it again.
Only this time, Academy of Art University had Meera engage with a large number of incomplete applications. With the help of Meera’s conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform, this encouraged a response which directed the leads to the Admissions team to figure out what caused their hesitation in the middle of the application process.
Once the Admissions team discovered the reason behind the incomplete applications, they were able to move the prospective students further through the admissions funnel.
Image showing actual lead generation using Meera Conversation AI on mobile phone
Actual A.I Conversation
Sales lead generation graph of Academy of Art University
By communicating via SMS, Academy of Art University was able to reach more students who responded more readily, as it fit the student’s busy lifestyle, providing them with the ease to make a

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