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A2P 10DLC – What & Why Businesses That Text Must Know
By Anand Kannan
10th Aug, 2021
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Brands are leveraging SMS to stand out from spam-heavy channels like email and cold calling. As more brands rely on SMS as an effective channel for their communication strategy, carriers have introduced an A2P(Application to Person) 10DLC(10 Digit Long Code) standard to regulate spam and fraud. As a result, brands using A2P messaging need to adhere to A2P 10 DLC requirements to avoid filtering or blocking of SMS texts by the carriers.

What is A2P 10DLC?

10 Digit Long Code, shortened as 10DLC, is the new standard for A2P messaging in the USA.
A2P 10DLC comes with new registration requirements for businesses that intend to send long code messages in the US.

What does A2P 10DLC mean for your business?

  • Improved messaging speed
  • Higher deliverability
  • Better throughput through lower filtering risk
  • Cost savings

How can Meera help your business with A2P 10DLC registration?

  • Achieve a high trust score, which helps with better deliverability and higher volume capability
  • Acquire 10DLC phone numbers
  • Register brand, launch campaign, and use case data with Meera’s capabilities
  • Assign numbers to a campaign use case to help you view the 10DLC assigned campaign status

Meera AI can help meet these requirements and will successfully launch your text campaigns.
Additionally, Meera can automate human-like conversations to improve customer engagement while reducing effort. Go through Meera.AI use cases to Learn more.

About Meera

Meera is an A.I.-driven text messaging & communication automation platform that emulates human conversations at scale through preferred channels. The platform also streamlines connectivity with customers to enhance sales, marketing, and service processes.