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Integrate Meera and see your lead generation and sales conversion shift gear

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Marketing and lead generation service at Meera AI
Transform Marketing and Lead Generation

Engage with every visitor on your website and turn them into potential leads automatically. Meera’s human-like conversation empathetically interacts with the visitors and works as your personal automotive assistant to generate quality leads. Avoid pushy sales pitch and build a rapport with the visitors to seamlessly convert your auto leads into customers. Streamline your auto lead management by leveraging the sophisticated conversational AI to reach out to prospects via different text messaging platforms. With prospect outreach scaling dynamically and automatically, your auto sales team can focus on closing converted leads. Increase brand exposure, optimize operations and see your auto sales skyrocket.

Automate and Streamline After-sales Services

Shoddy and long response time to customer queries, service and repair appointments can tarnish your brand image significantly. Meera doubles as a call center artificial intelligence and operates as the first point of contact with the customers. It’s cutting-edge meeting schedule and appointment booking features allow customers to book a date for servicing without human intervention. Give your customers the liberty to book servicing appointments round-the-clock and expand your customer representatives team dynamically. Save big on costs by cutting on call volume and human intervention while improving sales funnel efficiency, customer satisfaction enhancing brand loyalties.

Stream line after sale service and lead generation by Meera AI
Exquisite consumer journey with Meera conversational AI
Craft Exquisite Consumer Journeys

Ensure each customer interaction with the brand or dealership is seamless with Meera’s advanced machine learning and natural language processing capabilities. Right from scheduling the first test drive to providing speedy after-sale services, the automotive assistant intelligently interacts with customers and collates all the information necessary to smoothen the process at every step. Woo your customers by providing them 24x7x365 customer service and keeping query resolution time minimal. Utilize the human-AI team to boost workforce productivity and facilitate the simplification of the complete auto sales value chain at low costs and minimum effort.

Drive Lead Engagement
Contact dormant leads automatically and filter out qualified leads effectively with the auto sales tool.
Economize Auto Sales Value Chain
Dynamically scale your team with the automotive assistant and cut down on call volume and workforce pressure to boost profitability.
24x7x365 Customer Service
Stay available for your customers round-the clock and reduce the average handling time of issues significantly.

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