Author: Anand Kannan

Meera AI
A2P 10DLC – What & Why Businesses That Text Must Know
10th Aug, 2021

Brands are leveraging SMS to stand out from spam-heavy channels like email and cold calling. As more brands rely on SMS as an effective channel for their communication strategy, carriers have introduced an A2P(Application to Person) 10DLC(10 Digit Long Code) standard to regulate spam and fraud. As a result, brands using A2P messaging need to …

Retail and COVID-19: How to Adapt to Changing Consumer Behavior?
30th Sep, 2020

The recent coronavirus outbreak has had a profound impact on the retail and e-commerce sector. While some sectors of the industry find themselves overwhelmed with orders, others are struggling to get customers.

Top 5 Challenges for Marketers in COVID-19 (and Tips to Overcome)
21st Sep, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has been one of the biggest health emergencies the world has seen in a century. It has now been more than six months since the virus gripped the world.

Challenges Facing the Insurance Industry (and 4 Tips to Overcome Them)
3rd Sep, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has had a tremendous impact on how businesses and industries operate. Insurance industry, in particular, has felt the brunt of the abrupt disruption introduced by the pandemic.